It might be good to double check with your house insurance broker to make sure that you have extra coverage if there is a fire and Regina Fire Department is dispatched. The cost of RFD coming out is at the homeowner’s expense. Please click on the link to read the 2010 Per Response Fee set out by RFD.

Garbage day is Thursday morning. Please put your garbage out the night before and in the bin supplied to you. If you have just moved to Grand Coulee and you do not have a bin, please contact the office. The homeowner is responsible for replacement of the bin if it is damaged.

Recycling is picked up every 4th Tuesday.  Please click on this link to see the 2017 garbage/recycling schedule.  2017 Grand Coulee Collection Calendar

Water bills are monthly. Currently, you can pay your utilities online except through Royal Bank. Credit and Debit cards are not accepted. Cheques can be made out to the Town of Grand Coulee. If you wish, you can slide the cheques through the door slot at the office if it is closed. Please do not put cash through the slot.  Actual water readings occur quarterly.  If you wish to have each month as an actual reading, please email your reading to grandcoulee.cap@sasktel.net by the end of the month.

Taxes are due September 30 without penalty. There will be no discounts for early payments.

Dog licenses can be acquired at the town office free of charge.

You will need to contact Canada Post to set up a Box Number. Grand Coulee’s postal code is actually a Regina’s postal code, but the mail is delivered out here. The information that might assist you when phoning them is: GBS#200, Box ***, RR#2, S4P 2Z2. Good Luck!!! Just so you know that you are not alone, many people have had difficulties, persistance is needed. Once you have set up a Box #, please contact the office with it.